Window Cleaning Service Baton Rouge

Window Cleaning Service

Clean Windows Baton Rouge
Clean Windows Baton Rouge LA. Do you need your windows cleaned?

Things to remember when cleaning the indoor windows if it is part of your house cleaning duties. Having nice clean indoor windows can prevent your house cleaning skills from being frowned upon by your clients. If you are suppose to clean the inside of the windows take the time to do it right. Clean the window sills and take the screen out if there is one and give it a good cleaning.

Coverage Areas For Window Cleaning Service Baton Rouge
The window cleaning service Baton Rouge will get the job done for you at a great price. Your windows will be cleaned inside and out including the screens. We also service Livingston Parish and the cities of Denham Springs, Watson, Walker, Albany and Springfield. Visit our website to get our phone number. There may be several companies you can pick from.

The Tools For Indoor Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning And Washing Baton Rouge
Window Cleaning Service Baton Rouge

The tools you use will define how well the job will turn out. You don’t want to use paper towels, newspapers or any of the other “grab whatever and let’s get it done” type of supplies. You’ll want a squeegee, scrubbing wand, scraper and lint-free towels. These are the tools professional window cleaners use in order to get that streak-free shine we want for all of our windows.

Technique For Indoor Window Cleaning

Now that you have your tools assembled, the first thing you’ll want to do is, if you can, is to remove each window pane. After the panes are removed, apply your cleaning solution to them. If working on inside windows, wipe horizontally, but if outside, start with a vertical wipe to prevent streaks. Do this until your windows are clean to your liking.

Things To Remember When Cleaning Indoor Windows

You never want to use solutions that contain abrasive materials, or use an abrasive cloth to clean your windows or frames. This will cause scratches, and make future cleanings much more difficult. If you want to clean windows that are higher up, you’re better off calling a professional window washer to do the job. Skylites are often too high for most people to do. Visit us at window cleaning Baton Rouge.

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