Sedentary Lifestyle Biggest Risk For Mothers

A sedentary lifestyle, the biggest lifestyle risk for mothers.

Work From Home Mom On ComputerThe one thing that we take for granted and unknowingly forgive ourselves for is the amount of time we spend still and not moving our bodies by doing exercise. We think that running around after the baby is tiring us out but in reality that is not enough. A good example is sitting on the computer. Whether you are a working mother, a work from home mother or an unemployed mother, most of us spend a good chunk of our productive time browsing the internet. It could be social media, shopping websites or just mindless gamboling on the worldwide web, but we waste a lot of time on there. That leaves very little time for ourselves and even the house hold chores. That results in more guilt and hence, more need of redemption by spending lesser time on ourselves. One does not notice the extra pounds she is putting on because of all that sitting around. You may use the computer for your business, maybe you have a business that is mostly online. If this is the case use it for your business and leave out all the distractions of surfing the internet. My wife has a home business and she manages to get her exercises in everyday. She says that she is sharper when she gets her exercising in.

So what does one do? Limit your use of the computer. Use it only for work related purposes and if you want to use it for fun, limit it to an hour a day at night just so you can keep up with the times. You can stop spending so much time online if you try.

As far as your eating goes, make sure you do not make it a hassle. Plan your meals on a weekly basis. Take out an hour every Monday and on a table, chart out what you will cook for the family and yourself. Do the preparation accordingly. This includes grocery shopping and any chopping or marinating. Cook in advance, not more than twice a week and freeze it. Never waste any food and package everything properly so your cooking is reduced. You can even use it for your own meals in case your family doesn’t like leftovers. At least you won’t be missing meals because there was nothing to eat and you wanted to use up the cooking time for a manicure.

Exercise To Stay In Shape

Happy Weight Loss

Next comes your workout. PLAN YOUR WEEK AROUND IT, NOT THE OTHER WAY. Do not let other commitments decide whether or not you can work out. Let your work out decide what you could be doing. Get a gym buddy who will drag you to the gym in case you slack off. This kind of discipline will be absolutely needed after a week or two of working out.

The last thing worthy of being mentioned is that it is important to start your day early. Working or not working, an early riser will make the most of their day. You can exercise and prepare for the day much better if you start early. You will not feel like you are cheating on your family because they will be sleeping and therefore, not needing you. So begin your day early and give them a good one for themselves.

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Remember: you are empowered by having a family, not entrapped! Happy living and a long and healthy lifestyle!