Moms Stay Fit With A Busy Lifestyle

How moms can fit in fitness in a super busy lifestyle.

Everyone knows being a mother is a tough job. It has been iterated and reiterated; blogged about; talked about in interviews, play dates and social luncheons one too many times. In fact it has been talked about so many times that it has become a sort of an excuse, an excuse to get away with not looking good, being healthy or doing more with life. But the truth is, motherhood empowers you. It may make you busier with all the additional kid-related stuff but it in no way robs you of the opportunity to live your life fully or in your desired way. The key is to plan well and utilize the twenty four hours in the day more effectively. Discipline is cardinal and you need to keep telling yourself that your life is now complete, not occupied with external dependents. Here are some more articles on busy moms.

How Can Moms Stay Fit?

Speaking of dependents, another thing that has been extensively talked about and therefore, buried deeper in the abyss of ‘only verbal mention’ is fitness. Mothers find it hard to make time for their own health and well being, it is the one thing they sacrifice first when it comes to choosing between looking after the house, kids and the partner. And they cannot be more wrong. What most women fail to realize is that their health determines that of the family’s. If they are not fit, they will not be in the position to take care of their family. Hence, if you are guilty of taking some time out for yourself, tell yourself how important your fitness if for your family. If you wound up sick every other day due to a weak immune system, who will cook all the home made meals; drive the children to school and soccer practices; not to mention that you can become a carrier of disease for your family too.

The Weight Gain And Loss After Pregnancy

A lot of mothers are known to either not be able to lose that pregnancy weight, or gain additional pounds during the breastfeeding times. Some mothers continue to gain weight even after the child is solely not reliant on the mother’s milk and is old enough to start consuming solids. That is because mothers pay more attention to the child’s nutrition than hers, eats more due to the stresses of a busy schedule or ends up eating all the high-calorie left-overs of the child. You need to know that their food is not yours, and your body has different requirements.

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Notice: You need to consult with your doctor before using any type of supplements or weight loss products.

Take Care Of Yourself First

Also, remember that it is important to always put yourself first. Eat well and on time. Do not miss breakfast or your morning exercise just because you want to sleep a little more or because your little one wanted pancakes for breakfast so you used up your cooking time and ended up eating the same pancakes. It is important that you equip your body with necessary nutrients so that the rest of your very laborious day goes smoothly and adds to your fitness. And there is no need to be guilty about why you took a whole fifteen minutes to eat or an entire hour to exercise. Keep telling yourself that it is for the family, and there is no need to be guilty for no reason.