Commercial Land Albany Louisiana

For sale, 2 acre parcel of prime land in the heart of Albany Louisiana. This land fronts HWY 43 also known as S Montpelier Road for 300 feet. It is approximately 275 feet deep and the back of the property fronts Oak Street. Commercial Land Albany Louisiana for sale.

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Asking Price $499.000
I am open to all offers.

High And Dry

During the great flood of 2016 this commercial property remained high and dry. The 2 acres sits at the peek of HWY 43 highest point. If you approach from the north or south you will see the gradual increase in elevation. While some property in the area of HWY 43, both north and south got as much as 6 feet of water, this property and ajoining properties were several feet from getting water.    Flood waters came up to within 200 feet of the highest area of Albany LA but never made it to the 2 acres that is for sale.

Commercial Land Albany Louisiana For Sale

Asking price for this parcel of land is $499,000. This would make an ideal spot for just about any type of commercial development. This is the largest parcel of land in the downtown area of Albany. The 2 acres sits between the Hancock Bank and a 6,000 sq ft commercial building that had been used as City Hall while a new building went up for City Hall. There is also a mini storage and US Post Office that escaped the flood.

Commercial Land Albany Louisiana
Commercial Land Albany Louisiana – Old House and Building sit on the property in need of renovation of tear down. 300 x 275 high and dry property.

6,000 sq ft commercial building to the north of this property along with a mini storage.

Commercial Real Estate HWY 43 Albany La
Commercial Real Estate HWY 43 Albany La

Hancock Bank sits to the south of this property.

Albany La Real Estate For Sale
Albany LA Commercial Real Estate For Sale Montpelier RD

Commercial Property Location In Albany Louisiana

Property is located off of Interstate 12 at Exit 32. Take exit 32 off of I-12 and proceed north one mile. Start looking to your left and see the Hancock Bank. The next fenced in property is the 2 acres of commercial property. There are 3 structures on the property, an old house that can be renovated or torn down. A 20 x 100 ft building sits in front of the house which is also in need of renovation. The property has a slope to the front and back for good drainage. No fill dirt is needed as this is the highest property in the Town Of Albany, LA.

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