Welcome To Livingston Parish

Window Cleaning & Washing Baton Rouge La

Window Cleaning & Washing Baton Rouge La

Thank you for visiting Livingston Parish, Louisiana. We hope you enjoy your stay in the area and if we can be of service to you just let us know. Livingston Parish has many things to see and do. From water sports to hunting, fishing the area abounds with wildlife. Come golf on one of the most recognized golf courses in the world at Carter Plantation in Springfield, Louisiana. Eat at one of the many fine food restaurants we have that will give you that taste of Louisiana and our seafood industry. Our Antique District in Denham Springs is know as one of the most diverse places to find the antiques you are looking for.

Livingston Parish is positioned along Interstate 12 between New Orleans and Baton Rouge making it a prime spot to be your base as you discover the many exciting things to do in the area. We are an hours drive from many tourist destinations like the New Orleans French Quarter, Mississippi Gulf Coast and the historical State Capitol on the Mississippi River.

You will love the area and your stay here will be a lasting one that you will want to come back to. The Bass Pro Shops in Denham The Tickfaw State Park has wildlife and alligators to see.Springs is one of the most visited sites in the area. A visit there is like taking a walk through the swamps of Louisiana. For the real thing visit Tickfaw State Park just south of Springfield Louisiana and just a short 35 minute drive from the Bass Pro Shops.

Livingston Parish and the people are special and will make you feel like family with their hospitality. Get the true feeling of Southern Hospitality when you make your stay with us at one of our many fine hotels in Denham Springs and Walker. Interstate 12 runs through Livingston Parish from the Springfield Albany area to Denham Springs. Denham Springs has and abundance of hotels and restaurants all withing walking distance of the Bass Pro Shops. On Saturday mornings you can visit the local Antique Village Farmers Market in Denham Springs.

Albany Springfield Library has a museum in the back wing featuring the Hungarian Harvest Dance and Festival. New museum is being built for the Parish history.
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We look forward to seeing you.

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  1. Back in 2002 I took a group to a restaraunt called Bayview Tavern. It was a great event and now I’d like to visit it again but I can’t find it in the Baton Rouge area. Is it still in existance and if so could you please furnish a phone number or e-mail address for them. Thank you. Ted Wieber

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